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Nagyvillám étterem
2025 Visegrád, Feketehegy
(N 47°47.750 E 18°59.427)




Summertime Weddings

From spring to autum our restaurant dressed up with green as the house situated in the middle of the Pilis hills. It is ideal for wedding celebrations, from the ceremony through to the reception, including a number of locations for wedding photos on the spectacular grounds or on the house’s elegant veranda in front of the amazing panorama we have all around.




Outdoor possibilities

During summertime ( when no rain ) we have the possibility to organize your ceremony and the reception on our terraces. Our separated event rooms provide intimacy, veranda/terrace connection. We have air condition as well.

Take the opportunity and visit our restaurant to discuss any of your needs during a nice lunch when you can taste our kitchen specials!



We follow the world\'s trend in our kitchen beside the Hungarian tastes. You can find the international menus for a mixed weddings too.

Our master chef, Limbert János, ensure that your special guests will remember the culinary meals including finest meat, game, poultry and fish, locally-grown vegetables and creative desserts.

We use quality ingredients to reach the best flavour with locally-grown, bio spices from our garden in front of the restaurant.

Our kitchen prepared for the high quality requirements.

Wedding menus personalized based on your requirements. We are open to any idea.

We look forward to being of service to you!



Options for a summertime wedding:


Welcome drink to every menus
We offer welcome drinks at the entrance:



Nagyvillám coctail

Vilmoskörte pálinka

100%-os orange juice


These are just hints, you can vary them.
You can bring aperitifs for free to our restaurant.


 Hungarian menu


Újházi chicken soup

Hortobágyi pancake with meat

Plates for more people:
Breast of turkey, fried roasted pork cutlets, fried breast of pulley filled with chees, spicy jacket potatoes, rice

Fresh Chef salad

Sponge cake Somló style with vanilla custard

Midnight menu: Stuffed cabbage rolls


 Hunter menu


Game pate with blueberries

Wild ragout soup Pilis with tarragon and cream

Hubertus plate for more people:
Venison with red wine, Stuffed wild boar, wild boar stew,
Potato doughnut, rice with bolete, potatoes croquettes

Hunter\'s dessert:
Red currant icecream with berry fruits, chocolate and Portorico rum

Midnight menu: Stuffed cabbage rolls


 Traditional menu


Parma style ham with melon

Orosházi style meat soup

Mogyoróhegy plate for more people:
Filled roasted pork chop with chees and ham, Spicy filled chicken,
Roasted pork medallion with honey, juniper berries and forest mushroom ragout
Breaded cheese, chips, rice with vegetables, potato doughnut,

Mixed salad

Nagyvillám icecream with  fruits and Sponge cake Somló style with vanilla custard, soaked in Portorico rumand chocolate sauce

Midnight menu: Stuffed cabbage rolls


 Beatrix menu


Houswife style Bouillon with pastry

Grilled goat cheese with apple souce and brioche

Mixed plate for more people:
Óváry style pork chop, Medium-rare duck breast on crispy skin, breast of pulley filled with cottage cheese and dill in bacon,
Fried cauliflower or mushroom, rice with corn, potatoe,

Peach flambe

Seasonal mixed salad

Fruit parfait with orange liqueur-mousse

Midnight menu: Stuffed cabbage rolls


Gourmet menu


Gourmet appetizers:
Aubergine puree with grilled vegetables, Spicy filled paprika with cheese cream,
Serrano ham

Újházi style chicken soup

Mixed plate for more people:
Cruchy duck, breast of pulley with cajun spyces, Fried pork chop,
Steamed cabbage with champaigne,mashed potatoes with onion, rice, chips

Cabbage, tomato and cucamber salad

Chocolate fountain with fruits

Midnight menu: Stuffed cabbage rolls


 Four-course menu

Houswife style Bouillon with pastry

Dubary style turkey breast, tandor style chicken, fried and filled pork chop with potatoe, corn with butter, rice pilau

Seasonal mixed salad

Mixed icecream

Midnight menu: Stuffed cabbage rolls


 Exklusive "Gourmet" menu


Smoked salmon with hourseradish cream and lemon jelly

Legényfogó soup

Gourmet mixed plate:
Cordon Bleu steak,
Cajun Guinea Hens in Bacon,
Beatrix style Pork Chop,
Parsley Potatoes,
Rice with green spices and grilled vegetables,

Seasonal salads

Diplomat pudding with Portorico rum custard, Floating island dessert



Duck liver terrine with Truffle

Tokaj style soup

Óvári style veal chops,
Fried creast of pulley filled with goose liver,
Medium-rare duck breast,
Mashed potatoes with onion,
Stewed cabbage,
Peach flambe, stewed rice,

Seasonal mixed salad

Poppy seed parfait with brambleberry dressing
in chocolate cups with Mascarpone mousse


 All inclusive drinks offer


Szekszárdi kékfrankos red wine

Szöllősi winery: olaszrizling white wine

Draft beer /Krusovice/

Fizzy drinks

Soft drinks

Mineral water




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e-mail: info@nagyvillam.en
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Saturday: 11:30-18:00
Sunday: 11:30-17:00
(excluded group reservations and events)


Our Restaurant keeps a free parking for our guests.


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